Notion Product System : Empowering Notion Creators to Thrive!

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Gear Up! Your Notion Product Management Just Got an Upgrade!

Are you a Notion creator selling templates? Look no further than Notion Product System—a game-changer designed specifically for you. This powerful tool helps you plan, track, and optimize your Notion template creation journey like never before.

Your Notion Template Product management headaches are about to become a thing of the past!

🚀 Say goodbye to scattered ideas, planning, and submission.
🚀 Wave farewell to endless spreadsheets and overwhelming project boards!
🚀 Bid adieu to the chaos that comes with juggling multiple Notion Template products!

Who is this product for?

👉Solo entrepreneurs ready to conquer the Notion Creator Market.
👉Product superheroes seeking to unleash their true potential
👉Creators who are looking to submit their templates but don't know where?
👉Creators Frustrated with the complexities of managing multiple Notion products?

Introducing the 🚀 Notion Product System Starter Pack:: Your new friend will be there with you from ideation, and tracking to actual Sales analysis.

Prepare to be amazed as the Notion Product System transforms your Notion product management experience like never before!

Here's what you can expect from this powerful upgrade:

✨ Turbocharge Your Workflow: Seamlessly organize your Notion Template projects, stay on track, and achieve your goals with unrivalled efficiency.

✨ Master the Marketplace: Effortlessly track the marketplaces where you've submitted your templates. Stay in control, monitor your submissions, and expand your reach for maximum exposure.

✨ Submission Overview: Get a bird's-eye view of your submission activity. See the total number of marketplaces where you have submitted your template.

✨ Sales Insights: Enter your quantity sold, and watch Notion Product System reveal the total sales, net profit, and more. Gain valuable insights to make informed decisions and drive your success.

Unleash the Complete Super Power of the 💥 Notion Product System Power Pack

✨ Notification Manger: Quick At-a-Glance Progress Get an overview of your template progress, including the number of ideas, the template in-making, and the completed template.

✨ Insights at Your Fingertips: Uncover the secrets hidden within your data. Dive into advanced analytics, harness valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions that propel your products to new heights!

✨ Sales and Financial View: Say goodbye to manual calculations and complex spreadsheets. Enter the Quantity Sold for your product and get all of these things done automatically.

  • 📈 Total Gross Sales: Monitor the revenue generated from your products and track your sales growth.
  • 💰 Net Profit: Get a clear picture of your earnings after accounting for fees and other expenses.
  • 📊 Fee Tracking: Keep tabs on the fees associated with your sales, ensuring you have a comprehensive overview of your financials.

✨ Enhanced Marketplace view: Your Marketplace view from the Notion Product System Starter pack has got a facelift here. Now you can check the total Quantity Sold per marketplace along with Total Sale, Net Profit and Fees.

✨ Get More Inside the Product:

  • 🔍 Store Research: Keep all your valuable research findings, market trends, and competitor analysis in one secure place. Say goodbye to scattered notes and hello to organized brilliance!
  • 🚀 Fuel Creativity: Discover a treasure trove of marketing inspiration. Save compelling ads, captivating designs, and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Let your creative juices flow!
  • 📝 Plan Mockups Creation: Take your mockup creation process to the next level. Utilize the Mockup Section to outline your design ideas, track progress, and ensure every detail is perfected before going live.
  • 📊 Analytics Integration: Seamlessly embed your Google Analytics Conversion page to gain deep insights into your website's performance. Monitor conversions, track user behaviour, and refine your marketing strategies for optimal results.
  • 🌟 Testimonials Repository: Never miss an opportunity to showcase your happy customers' feedback. Save testimonials in the Testimonials section and leverage them to create compelling content that builds trust and drives sales.

More Creative nuggets are part of the Power Pack so get your Launch Offer if you can.

The time has come to gear up and elevate your Notion product management to extraordinary heights.
Try out the Notion Product System Starter Pack and witness the transformation that will help you organize your Product Lifecycle.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your Notion products?

It's time to embark on this exciting adventure where productivity, organization, and success converge!

Well, that is enough of me talking about this, I had fun creating this template and now it is with you.

What do you need?

• A device to access Notion (e.g. Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

• A Notion account (It’s free to sign up for a personal plan!)

• Basic understanding of how Notion works

Special Note:

• This template only works with the Notion App or the Notion Website. Any other applications will not work with this template.

• This is a digital download. No physical items will be sent after purchase.

• All materials are for personal use only. No part of it can be distributed, sold, reproduced, or used in any form without the written permission of the author.

My name is Sankalp and I am the founder of travel website Chasing Whereabouts and I am currently working on my Travel Planner template.

At the moment I am building up Notion Era which is going to be the home of all the Notion templates which I have been using throughout my time of content creation.

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Notion Product System : Empowering Notion Creators to Thrive!

30 ratings
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