Wanderlust Planner: The Ultimate Notion Travel Planner

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Gear Up! Your Travel Planning Just Got an Upgrade!

Do you love travelling and planning your Travel upfront? Look no further than Wanderlust Planner —is a game-changer designed specifically for you. This powerful tool helps you plan, track and organize your travel planner, travel journal and photo journal all in one place.

Your Travel Planning mess is going to be solved with this one template.

🚀 Say goodbye to scattered plans, booking invoices, and travel tickets.
🚀 Dump your travel finance tracker sheet because this has budget management.
🚀 Bid adieu to the chaos that comes with juggling multiple Notes, Emails and Plans.

Who is this product for?

👉People who want to organize their travel plan
👉Traveller who wants to explore the entire world and log their achievements.
👉Travellers Frustrated with the complexities of managing multiple Travel Plans throughout the year?

Introducing the 🚀 Wanderlust Travel Planner: your ultimate Notion travel companion. This comprehensive and user-friendly template is designed to simplify your trip planning, enhance your travel experiences, and keep your adventures organized. From itinerary management to destination research, the Wanderlust Travel Planner is here to make your wanderlust dreams a reality. Say goodbye to scattered notes and hello to seamless travel planning with this essential Notion tool. Let's embark on a journey of organization and exploration together!

What is Included?


✨Continent Explorer: A view of how much of the continent you have explored.

✨Trip Planner: Shows you All, Upcoming, Completed, Ongoing Trip also a separate Country View here.

✨ Places to Go: A nice inventory of Bucket List Destinations, In-Planning, Already Visited Destinations with Special Board and Country view.

✨ Travel Calendar: This shows you the Travel Plan on the calendar.

✨Globe Trotting Tale: This is Another section that tells you how many cities you have visited in a particular country.


✨Special Page for Planning your entire trip.


✨Save the information about the people you are traveling with.


• Travel Itinerary

• Full Travel Schedule

• Other Places to Visit


• Transportation Bookings

• Accommodation Bookings

• Activities Bookings


• Financial Overview of the trip.

• Budget Tracker

• All Travel Expenses


• Transportation Research & Comparison

• Accommodation Research & Comparison

• Activities Research & Comparison


• Daily Travel Journal

• Photo Library


• Pre-Travel Checklist

• During the Travel Checklist

• Post-Travel Checklist


• Clothing Packing List

• Documents Packing List

• Electronics Packing List

• Toiletries Packing List

• Feel free to add more.


• To save something which you wish to do on the trip.


• More special sections in the templates which you can check.


• Inventory of Resources for helping you plan your trip.

How it works

1. Purchase (Instant Download)

2. Download the PDF (Access the Template)

3. Duplicate the Template (Start Planning!)

What do you need?

• A device to access Notion (e.g. Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

• A Notion account (It’s free to sign up for a personal plan!)

• Basic understanding of how Notion works

Special Note:

• This template only works with the Notion App or the Notion Website. Any other applications will not work with this template.

• This is a digital download. No physical items will be sent after purchase.

• All materials are for personal use only. No part of it can be distributed, sold, reproduced, or used in any form without the written permission of the author.

My name is Sankalp and I am the founder of the travel website Chasing Whereabouts

At the moment I am building up Notion Era which is going to be the home of all the Notion templates which I have been using throughout my time of content creation.

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Wanderlust Planner: The Ultimate Notion Travel Planner

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